Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2016  ●  Jakarta, Indonesia

Chief Executive Officer
AMATA Corporation PCL

Mr. Vikrom Kromadit was born on March 17, 1953, in Kanchanaburi province. He graduated from The National Taiwan University with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of AMATA Group which was established in 1975 and AMATA Corporation has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1997. AMATA Corporation Public Company Limited becomes one of Thailand's best leading industrial estate developers. There are 15 subsidiaries and dozens of joint ventures.

He is managing three eco-friendly industrial estates in Thailand and Vietnam; AMATA Nakorn, AMATA City and AMATA City Bien Hoa and the latest project will be in Myanmar. The total project area of three industrial estates is approximately 100 square kilometers, and there are almost 1,200 companies from 30 countries generating 30 billion US Dollar worth of products. In 2007, Forbes Magazine ranked him as 27th of the 40 richest men in Thailand and the next year named him one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia and the Foreign Direct Investment magazine (fDi) from Financial Times Group in London gave him a reward of fDi Personality of the Year 2008- Asia. Nikkei praised him as one of the most dynamic Asian entrepreneurs.

As a Chairman of AMATA Foundation, Mr. Vikrom Kromadit spends most of his time writing books, based on his autobiography, his thought and working experience. From 15-year of writing, the books were translated to 8 languages and more than 6 million copies have been sold. The best seller “Be A Better Man” was also produced into a popular TV series which was inspired by The Crown Property Bureau in 2010.

Apart from his business, Mr. Vikrom Kromadit spent 3 to 7 months a year to travel by a motor home caravan in 2011-2013. He had done his 3-year caravan traveling which is totally 100,000 kilometers long to GMS countries, China, Mongolia and Siberia. Thai Government also supported and appointed him to be an Emissary of Goodwill and Friendship to promote bilateral ties at the people-to-people level between Thailand and other countries along the route.

Mr. Vikrom Kromadit is currently hosting many radio and TV programs in Thailand and two documentaries “Asia Rising” and “Driven” which will be broadcasted worldwide very soon.